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Studies on Leaf Functional Traits of Nine Woody Lianas in the Karst Area of Central Guizhou Province 2021,29(5):455-464
Interspecific Association and Niche of Mixed Forest Communities of Casuarina equisetifolia and Dendrocalamus minor var. amoenus in the Windbreak of Sandy Coast 2021,29(5):465-473
Variation Patterns in C and N Concentrations in the First-order Roots of 89 Woody Species in Subtropical Evergreen Broad-leaved Forest 2021,29(5):474-482
Characteristics of Soil Nutrient and Enzyme Activities in Plantations of Eucalyptus urophylla×E. grandis and Five Acacia Species 2021,29(5):483-493
Studies on Species Composition and Diversity of Castanopsis hystrix-Acacia mangium Mixed Forest in Guangzhou 2021,29(5):494-502
Analysis of Leaf Morphology and Growth Differences among Michelia chapensis Families 2021,29(5):503-508
Changes in Physiological Characteristics of Cold Resistance of Hedychium and Evaluation during Natural Overwintering Period 2021,29(5):509-518
Evaluation of Cold Resistance and Physiological Mechanism of Seven Manglietia Species 2021,29(5):519-529
Effect of Shading on Photosynthetic Characteristics of Peucedanum praerupterum Leaves 2021,29(5):530-538
Genetic Diversity of Archidendron clypearia in Guangdong Province 2021,29(5):539-546
Genetic Diversity of Horsfieldia hainanensis: An Endangered Species with Extremely Small Populations 2021,29(5):547-555
Chemical Constituents of Coix lachryma-jobi and Their Activities on Seed Germination 2021,29(5):556-562
Biological Activities and Composition Analysis of Polyphenols in Jaboticaba Leaves Purified with Macroporous Resin 2021,29(5):563-572
Flavonoid and Triterpenoid Compounds from the Heartwood of Dalbergia cochinchinensis 2021,29(5):573-578

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