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Dynamic Changes in Plant Diversity and Soil Physical and Chemical Properties in Different Habitats in Wenjiang Section of Jinma River 2021,29(1):1-8
Dynamic Changes in Niche and Interspecific Association of Major Species of Karst Secondary Forest in Central Guizhou 2021,29(1):9-19
Responses of Phytoplankton Communities to N/P Ratio Changes in Phosphorus-limited Subtropical Reservoir in Southern China 2021,29(1):20-30
Effects of Heavy Metal Pollution on Photosynthetic Characteristics and Heavy Metal Contents in Forage Leaves under Different Planting Patterns 2021,29(1):31-40
Physiological Responses of Three Crops (Lettuce, Eggplant and Pakchoi) to Allelpathy of Cinnamomum camphora Litter Leaves 2021,29(1):41-49
Physiological Response and Comprehensive Evaluation of Alfalfa Seedlings to Aluminum Stress 2021,29(1):50-58
Effects of Piriformospora indica on Seed Germination and Protocorm Growth of Dendrobium officinale 2021,29(1):59-66
Effects of Pesticide on Tremella fuciformis Berk Growth and Risk Assessment of Dietary Exposure 2021,29(1):67-74
Cloning of Cyclo-DOPA-5-glucosyltransferase Gene from Bougainvillea glabra and Effect of Illumination on Its Expression 2021,29(1):75-81
Fruit Morphology of Trigonotis funingensis and Its Taxonomic Implications 2021,29(1):82-86
Two Newly Recorded Species of Astrochapsa from China 2021,29(1):87-90
Notes on the Family Poaceae in China (I) 2021,29(1):91-95
Chemical Constituents of Water Extract from Chrysanthemum morifolium Flowers by UHPLC-ESI-Orbitrap MS 2021,29(1):96-104
Chemical Constituents from the Leaves of Averrhoa carambola 2021,29(1):105-111
Advances on Chemical Components and Biological Activities of Coffee 2021,29(1):112-122

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