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郭亚男1, 王刚涛1, 梁丹1, 郭韵1, 曹洪麟1, 王瑞江1, 曾宪锋2
1.中国科学院华南植物园, 广州 510650;2.韩山师范学院生命科学与食品工程学院, 广东 潮州 521041
为摸清广州市植物资源状况及生态环境变化动态,对广州市的维管植物和生物多样性热点区域的植被群落进行了调查和比较分析。在种类方面,共记录到广州市维管植物230科1 362属3 508种,其中石松类和蕨类植物25科78属174种,裸子植物8科20属34种,被子植物197科1 264属3 300种;属于国家重点保护野生植物的有20种,省重点保护野生植物的有5种;外来入侵植物有131种;种子植物区系为热带-亚热带过渡性质,表征科为樟科(Lauraceae)、壳斗科(Fagaceae)、五列木科(Pentaphylacaceae)、叶下珠科(Phyllanthaceae)、冬青科(Aquifoliaceae)、卫矛科(Celastraceae)和山茶科(Theaceae)等7科。植被调查和评估显示,在严格的生态保护和可持续利用条件下,不同植被类型的群落组成种类和结构都趋向良性发展,并且森林植被继续向地带性顶极群落类型演替。这为广州市植物多样性现状以及近10年植被变化动态提供了完整的基础资料,并对制定广州市生物多样性保护和发展战略以及保障区域生物安全等提供了重要的参考价值。
关键词:  植物多样性  城市植被  入侵植物  珍稀濒危植物
Investigation and Analysis of Plant Diversity in Guangzhou
GUO Ya-nan1, WANG Gang-tao1, LIANG Dan1, GUO Yun1, CAO Hong-lin1, WANG Rui-jiang1, ZENG Xian-feng2
1.South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou 510650, China;2.School of Life Sciences and Food Engineering, Hanshan Normal University, Chaozhou 521041, Guangdong, China
In order to reveal the plant resources and ecological environment changes in Guangzhou, the vascular plants and vegetation in hotspot areas were investigated from 2017 to 2019. A total of 3 508 species of vascular plants belonging to 1 362 genera and 230 families were recorded, of which 174 species in 78 genera and 25 families are lycophytes and ferns, 34 species in 20 genera and 8 families are gymnosperms, and 3 300 species in 1 264 genera and 197 families are angiosperms. There are 20 national and 5 provincial key protected plants, and 131 alien invasive plants. It also shows that the flora of seed plants has the transitional characteristics from tropical to subtropical and the typical families includes Lauraceae, Fagaceae, Pentaphylacaceae, Phyllanthaceae, Aquifoliaceae, Celastraceae and Theaceae. The vegetation investigation and evaluation indicated that the community composition and structure of different vegetation types had gone through a positive and healthy developmental tendency and the forest vegetation has been succeeding toward the zonal climax community types under the circumstance of strict ecological protection and sustainable utilization. These results present the comprehensive basic data on the current status of plant diversity and the dynamics of vegetation changes in the recent 10 years, which are important for making biodiversity conservation and development strategies and keeping the local biosecurity in Guangzhou.
Key words:  Plant diversity  Urban vegetation  Invasive plants  Rare and Endangered species

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