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Cloning and Expression Analysis on PmPGK1 and PmGPIC Genes in Pinus massoniana 2021,29(4):339-348
Heterosis and Genetic Characteristics Analysis for Yield and Quality Related Characters in Setaria italica 2021,29(4):349-359
Stem Culture in vitro of Passiflora foetida and Salt Tolerance of Seedlings 2021,29(4):360-366
Nutritional Ingredients in Leaves of Mytilaria laosensis and Its Utilization Prospects 2021,29(4):367-373
Component Analysis of Dendrobium phalaenopsis Anthocyanin Extract and Its Antioxidant Activity and Irritation in vitro 2021,29(4):374-381
Defense Signal Transmission between Alfalfa Plants through Underground Mycorrhizal Network 2021,29(4):382-388
Effects of Warming on Biomass Allocation Patterns and Nutrient Accumulations of Four Dominant Tree Species in Mixed Forest of Dinghushan, China 2021,29(4):389-400
Morphological Variation Patterns of Berberis pruinosa (Berberidaceae) and Its Taxonomic Revision 2021,29(4):401-405
Pholidota advena (Par. & Rchb. f.) Hook. f., A Newly Recorded Species of Orchidaceae from China 2021,29(4):406-408
Agapetes nana, A Newly Recorded Species of Ericaceae from China 2021,29(4):409-412
Michelia taishanensis Y. H. Tong, X. E. Ye, X. H. Ye & Yu Q. Chen (Magnoliaceae), A New Species from Guangdong 2021,29(4):413-416
Gastrodia fontinalis, A Newly Recorded Species of Gastrodia to Mainland China 2021,29(4):417-420
Pollen Morphology of 19 Cultivars of Hibiscus mutabilis in Chengdu and Its Taxonomic Significance 2021,29(4):421-429
Research Overview of Plant Water Transportation Based on Thermal Dissipation Probe Method 2021,29(4):430-438
Advances in Chemical Constituents and Pharmacological Activities of Pleuropterus multiflorus 2021,29(4):439-450
植物分类学新书介绍 2021,29(4):451-454

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