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      The Journal of Tropical and Subtropical Botany(ISSN1005-3395,CN 44-1374/Q)is a national bimonthly periodical in Chinese, co-sponsored by South China Botanical Garden(CAS) and Guangdong Botanical Society. It priorly carries new discovering, methods and technology discovered in tropical and subtropical regions related with botany, ecology, environmental science and their inter-disciplines, and meanwhile papers done in different climate regions are welcome. Papers in fields of Global Climate Change and Ecosystem Service, Plant Systematic & Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Degradation & Ecological Restoration, Biodiversity Conservation & Sustainable Utilization, Agriculture Food Quality & Safety and Phytochemical Resources, Sustainable Use of Plant & Gene Resource, Energy Plants Exploitation are particularly welcome. The journal includes columns of original research papers, quick communication, reviews, comment, book introductions and conference reports. As a core periodical in natural science, it also carries some English paper.
    This journal, founded in 1991, is famous for the classic botanical taxonomy in the early period. In the past decades, the journal enriched itself with the modern science development and team restruction, based on its traditional culture. It is indexed in BA, CA, CAB International, Chinese Science Citation Index, ChinaInfo(CD & Web), etc. It became a famous periodical in tropical and subtropical botany, ecology and their inter-disciplines.
    The journal is published on 30th of every even month. Usually there will be feedback (accepted or rejected) within 4 months after a manuscript is received.

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